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In The SpotLight!


Have you had enough with letting your fear of public speaking or performing stop you from doing all you need or want to do in life?

Are you ready for a change? If so, get the help you need to resolve your public speaking and performing anxiety…


Do you…

  • have an immediate surge of fear when you learn you need to do public speaking or performing?
  • attempt to avoid giving presentations or performances because of performance anxiety?
  • suffer from a lot of anticipatory anxiety thinking about your presentation or performance ahead of time?
  • experience stage fright and feel very self-conscious being “in the spotlight”?
  • worry about embarrassing yourself in front of others, fearful that people will see how anxious you are and that you will lose credibility and respect?
  • feel a lot of inner turmoil and have you missed opportunities because of this fear?


Private Consultation and Coaching

“My experience with your guidance has exceeded all of my expectations.  I never would have thought ALL of this was possible by long distance phone calls. Every hour of your coaching has been a revelation.” J.G., Physician

Janet offers a powerful way to address your individual needs and circumstances as you work on overcoming your fear of public speaking or performing.  Read more about it…

Getting Over Stage Fright Workshop

“Your workshop was the single best thing I have done to overcome my public speaking anxiety – and I have tried a LOT of things. I cannot recommend it highly enough!”  Barbara,  Director of Marketing, Software Industry

Read about our two-day Getting Over Stage Fright workshop, offered several weekends throughout the year, where you can learn ways to overcome your performance anxiety and gain more feelings of calm and confidence whenever you speak or perform.  Read more about it…

In The SpotLight

“Read this book! Nothing I have read has resonated so meaningfully for me, personally. You will recognize at once that Janet Esposito knows the subject matter. As you read about her experiences in overcoming this fear, you will draw immediate parallels with your own trials. Enormously helpful!” A reader from Indianapolis

Read more about Janet’s first book…

Getting Over Stage Fright

“If you are serious about not letting stage fright keep you from your dreams, this is the book to read. Janet Esposito has a unique talent for blending some of the most practical advice I have ever heard with what I can only describe as genuine wisdom. She is a teacher of the highest caliber.” Thom Rutledge, author of Embracing Fear: How to Turn What Scares Us Into Our Greatest Gift

Read more about Janet’s second book…

In The SpotLight CD

“I know I will listen to this CD many times before I give a workshop or presentation, as it offers invaluable preparation to help me become both relaxed and energized. I highly recommend this CD to anyone who wants to create a state of optimal performance in public speaking or performing.” Robin M., Life Coach

Read more about Janet’s CD… 

In The Spotlight!

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