Personal Coaching with Janet

The Power of Coaching with Janet

Personal coaching is a powerful way to immediately and directly benefit from Janet’s expertise in helping people who have a fear of public speaking or performing. Janet has almost twenty years of experience helping many people with this challenge and she would be happy to help you, too!

Some of the many benefits you can gain from coaching sessions with Janet include:

  • Greater insight into your experience with this fear and how to make needed changes
  • Getting direct feedback and guidance on your specific needs and goals related to speaking or performing
  • Learning practical, immediately usable methods to calm your body and create a positive, empowered mindset
  • Feeling more confident in your ability to face this challenge now that you have a set of tools and strategies that work
  • Gaining hope and inspiration that things can and will get better by actively using the methods that you are learning

You can schedule an initial consultation session with Janet (by phone, Skype, FaceTime or in-office for those who are local) and then decide upon further coaching sessions based upon what you and Janet agree would best meet your needs.

Many clients have used one or more coaching sessions on an as-needed basis when they are facing a speaking or performing challenge and need extra support and reinforcement to approach the situation in the best way possible. Others have had some ongoing coaching sessions with Janet to work more in-depth on their issues with speaking or performing anxiety and to stay focused and accountable in taking steps to actively work on their change process. And other clients have broadened their focus of discussions with Janet and have sought guidance and support on a range of other life challenges and concerns.

“My experience with your guidance has exceeded all of my expectations. I never would have thought ALL of this would have been possible by long distance phone calls. Every hour of your coaching has been a revelation.”
J.G., Physician

“Without your help I would never have been able to overcome this obstacle and my paralyzing fear. My presentation to over 150 people at a professional conference was a huge success and I’m amazed that I can honestly say I actually enjoyed it! I truly believe you have a gift in working with people like me and I’m amazed in how just two phone calls you were able to help me overcome a fear I have struggled with my entire life. I know there is much work ahead, but this presentation was a turning point for me and I would have never followed through with it without your help.”
G.C., Attorney

“I began my coaching sessions with Janet about two months ago and the difference it has made in my life is unbelievable. It really is. About two weeks ago, I gave a huge presentation in front of over 100 people and thanks to the coaching as well as attending a Level 1 workshop about a month and a half ago it went great. I never thought I would be able to execute at the level I did and as a result of this, and the continued coaching after the presentation, I truly have a new outlook of my capabilities regarding public speaking and presentations. I can’t thank Janet enough and look forward to the further progress I will make.”
M. P., Global Trading Manager

“I was a bit skeptical at first about trying to work over the phone, but Janet made me feel as if I was actually in her office with her. The techniques and tips that I received from Janet have made a difference in dealing with my speaking anxiety. I would absolutely recommend a phone session with Janet for anyone who cannot attend in person. She is great!”
T.B., Sales Supervisor, Insurance Industry

“The day I made the decision to contact Janet to arrange a coaching call between America and France changed my life forever. For nearly 30 years, I had been avoiding speaking – from the classroom days right through to the working environment. After reading Janet’s book and realizing my feelings were normal, I needed to talk to that one person who I knew would understand. I had a coaching call a few evenings before a major presentation before 100 or so people. Our coaching session helped me enormously and my speech went superbly well. The progress and immense relief and pleasure are just indescribable. I will be grateful to Janet for a long, long time!”
G. T., Labor Management Programme Coordinator, Paris


The Coaching Process

Coaching sessions are personally tailored to best meet your needs. Typically people schedule a full hour consultation to meet the first time and 30-60 minutes for any follow-up sessions. The focus is to initially discuss your personal experience with this fear and the current challenges you are facing, as well as any specific goals you have that are most important to you. Janet then gives you feedback and guidance on how to best approach whatever situations you are facing to better support a calm and confident state of mind and body. She encourages you to be proactive and goal-focused and works with you to create a plan of action that will help you make both immediate and sustained progress. She becomes a member of your team, to support you and be there for you when you need her most.

The procedure to follow is to contact Janet by email at or by phone at 860-210-1499 to set up a time that works best for both of your schedules. Please let Janet know if you are in a time zone other than Eastern Time so the time of the appointment can be properly coordinated. Most people do coaching sessions by phone (or Skype or FaceTime) because of distance, but those in the local area may choose to come to the office to meet with Janet.

When the appointment time arrives, you are asked to call Janet at her office at the number listed above (or initiate the call on Skype or FaceTime if you have arranged to meet that way). You are asked to handle the long-distance phone charge if there is one. You are also asked to provide a contact number for you so Janet can reach you by phone if she needs to do so.

“Janet dug me out of the depths of a speaking hole I never thought possible. The fear of speaking, or even presenting ad campaigns to a group of people, had been dominating my life, my thoughts, my whole being for many, many years- to the point I felt I would have to change careers. But Janet understood all this, she could relate to my experience and she ultimately coached me through the issues, over a fairly brief period of time, to the point where it is no longer an issue. All my anxiety, all my fears have been reduced down to butterflies, and butterflies are beautiful. Ironically, I have never met Janet in person – all the coaching was over the phone – since I’m in Los Angeles and she is in Connecticut. But I feel close to her on a different level, one that comes from a deep understanding of me, which makes the fact we aren’t physically in the same room irrelevant. Now, most of the time we talk, the conversation turns to other areas of my life in which I think need work, other areas to improve and grow, other challenges that I can work through with Janet. She is very compassionate, very nurturing, very enlightened and I am thankful she came into my life.”
Scott, President, Ad Agency

“My first experience with Janet was through one of her Getting Over Stage Fright workshops. That workshop had a profound effect on my attitude toward public speaking. I started a coaching relationship with Janet a few weeks after the workshop. My initial purpose for the coaching was to continue on the path I started in the workshop toward becoming a more confident, relaxed public speaker. While that’s still a big part of our coaching sessions, we have broadened some of our discussions to talk about “life issues” that support more confidence in speaking, as well as in other aspects of living. I feel like I’m a different person since I started my coaching calls with Janet. Really, I’m just more of the person I was meant to be all along but I have the benefit of a great coach to help me along the way.”
J.H., Regional Sales Vice President, Insurance Industry

“My coaching with Janet grew out of our sessions on coping with anxiety. As we talked about the sources for anxiety, our conversations became deeper until it was clear Janet had much more to offer me—and I had a lot more to learn about myself. She helped me come to terms not just with anxiety but also in understanding why I am the way I am, my outlook and how to improve my approach to a variety of things in life, from personal relationships to career aspirations. In the time Janet has worked with me she has helped me begin to realize who I can become and how I can get there.”
Chris, Journalist

“I am a classical musician and have frequent and demanding performances in very exposed situations. I took Janet Esposito’s In the Spotlight workshop in 2001, and since then have had many coaching sessions with her. Janet’s style is a wonderful and unique blend of nurturing warmth and no nonsense – very energizing and yet very supportive. While these sessions have helped me deal with performing before large audiences as well as recording for tv and motion pictures, Janet has also been a great help to me in many other areas of life – relationships, work conflicts and frustrations, secure planning for the future, etc. Above all, Janet has taught me to quietly connect with my own inner strength and wisdom when things seem to be overwhelming. There is no greater gift than that. Highly recommended! – and her CD, In the Spotlight, is wonderful.”
Cindy, Classical Musician


Consider Giving It a Try!

People who have had coaching sessions with Janet have found them to be incredibly helpful to support their progress in learning how to better manage their fear of speaking or performing and move beyond the limitations they experience due to this fear. You don’t have to go it alone. Consider giving yourself the gift of coaching with someone who is an expert in this area and who can really help you. Contact Janet to set up an initial session and see for yourself how helpful coaching with Janet can be.

Fees and Cancellation Policy for Consultations and Coaching:

Please contact Janet for information about her consultation and coaching fees. A coaching package can be provided upon request. It is requested that you give at least 24 hours notice if you cannot keep an appointment time that you have set up with Janet. Please note that there will be a full session fee for cancellations less than 24 hours.

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