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You can order Janet’s books and CD in any combination by following the instructions below. You can also submit payment for the Getting Over Stage Fright workshop. Your online orders are processed through Authorize.net, a leading secure online processing service. Please contact us with any questions about our books, CD, or workshop. We welcome the opportunity to help you in any way we can.


Workshop dates 2019:

March 2-3,

July 20-21,

September 14-15,

November 2-3


Please send Marla a brief email Marla@performanceanxiety.com or schedule a brief call here before registering so she can give you more information about the workshop.

Payment plans are available.


Please indicate in the “Fax” field which month you are registering for.

Getting Over Stage Fright Workshop – $775.00 – full price when you register less than 2 months prior.

$50 Quick Action Discount
  – $725.00 – when you register 2 months or more prior.

Books and CDs

Once you have selected the desired item or combination you wish to purchase, choose the shipping option you would like to use from the dropdown menu. The total will then appear on the credit card transaction form. You will receive a 10% discount for the purchase of multiple items. If you have any questions about this transaction please email us or call us at 860-210-1499. Please note that we do not ship internationally as the shipping cost is very high. Instead, we encourage those who live in Canada and other countries outside of the U.S. to order the books and CD from Amazon. The books can also be purchased on Kindle and the CD can be purchased on iTunes. 

 In The SpotLight book – $19.95

Getting Over Stage Fright (Janet’s latest book) – $21.95

In The SpotLight CD – $21.95

In The Spotlight and Getting Over Stage Fright (both books) – $37.71

In The SpotLight book and CD – $37.71

Getting Over Stage Fright book and In The SpotLight CD – $39.51

In The Spotlight and Getting Over Stage Fright (both books) and In The SpotLight CD – $57.47

If you would like to purchase a combination of items or services that is not listed, please email us with a message letting us know exactly what you would like to purchase.

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