Testimonials of the Getting Over StageFright Workshops

“Thanks so much for the wonderful experience you provided this past weekend at the “In The Spotlight” workshop. I will say that Janet has found a gem in you. You were a fantastic facilitator. Your feedback was insightful and motivating. What I discovered about the workshop is that you get out what you put into it. You were able to gently guide us to the best way to implement all the tools laid out in Janet’s books. The workshop is a one-of-a-kind experience and the fact that you have been involved in the workshop for years makes the transition over to you an easy one. I would recommend this workshop for anyone experiencing the anxiety that can be associated with public speaking. Thanks again for leading a great workshop.” ~ Monica K.

“I am so pleased to have recently attended the “In the Spotlight” workshop led by Marla Genova. It was an amazing and life changing experience. I left the workshop feeling more grounded and self-assured than ever, with an arsenal of tools at my disposal to manage my anxiety related to public speaking. Marla is a compassionate, patient and talented leader. She created a supportive and safe environment which put everyone at ease immediately and made for a very open and productive weekend. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who experiences anxiety with public speaking or being in the spotlight.” ~ Liz M.  

“The Getting Over Stage Fright workshop was nothing short of transformational and this was largely due to the compassion and encouragement that Marla brought to every aspect of the course. Having been a past course participant herself, Marla could relate to many of our concerns and suggest critical insights to overcoming them. She is a testament to the truly transformative power of the workshop. Thank you, Marla, for being such an inspiring coach and mentor!” ~ Sally W.

“Marla is an excellent leader and facilitator of the workshop. Within a short time she was able to create an environment where everyone in our group felt comfortable enough to express ourselves and work through our challenges. When I signed up, it felt like a big step to commit to the workshop, but Marla made it an experience I am so glad I attended. I made great progress in my speaking and comfort being in front of a group, and I know I’ll be feeling the benefits for a long time to come.” ~ Bob P. 

“I’d like to start out by saying a heartfelt thank you to both Janet and Marla. I’ve had anxiety about speaking and presenting in front of groups for most of my life. A recent promotion magnified this problem and I knew it was time to do something about it. 

I reached out to Marla and explained my story. She wrote back to me and gave me hope and a direction to help me work on my anxiety. I signed up for the next available seminar and made a decision that I wasn’t going to let this continue to be an issue for me. 

Marla was very knowledgeable, compassionate and helpful throughout the seminar. It shows that she has dedicated herself to helping people that are dealing with this type of anxiety and fear. She has shared her own personal story of overcoming this fear which gave me hope. And she has obviously spent time working with Janet to take the reins and continue the benefit and helpfulness of the In The Spotlight seminar. 

The information and experience that I gained in the seminar has changed my outlook and feelings toward speaking in front of groups. I highly recommend attending if you are tired of letting this anxiety control you.” ~ Kevin P.

“Your leadership and feedback were very helpful in creating a positive experience for everyone involved and your personality and story were a key piece of the puzzle that helped the group come together. You were a great presence for the whole group and always very encouraging. Usually we see people that want us to present as the enemy but you were able to become one of us while also pushing us to be better. 

Thanks so much for your help during the workshop…every day takes work, but I am definitely staying more positive within myself. Thank you!”  ~ Mike D.

Great workshop! Glad I took the workshop. It was a life changer. I learned a number of skills to help me get over my public speaking fear. Marla did a great job facilitating the workshop. Great pace to the class and she gave informative feedback. Very professional and she knows her stuff. I would recommend it to anyone who struggles with stage fright. ~ Scott T.  


A Personal Note from Janet

I am excited to announce that Marla Genova will be officially leading the September workshop, and future workshops. Marla has been co-leading with me for several years now and is fully ready to take on the workshop now. In fact, Marla led the May workshop and it was a tremendous success! While I will not be attending future workshops, I will continue with individual coaching. Please feel free to contact me.

I met Marla at my September, 2010 Getting Over Stage Fright Workshop, and I was very impressed with Marla and her commitment to doing everything in her power to master her own fear of public speaking, as well as continuous commitment to help others who share this fear. Marla expressed strong interest and enthusiasm in collaborating with me early on and she has observed nearly all of my workshops and group coaching calls since her participation in the workshop.

While I feel some sadness in stepping down from leading the workshop, I am very excited that Marla is extremely dedicated and proficient to lead the workshop on her own. After witnessing the profound effect it has had on many people, she is fully committed to leading the workshop exactly in the way that it was designed by me. I’m hoping the workshops will go on for many more years as they have been immensely helpful to almost 900 people over the past 19 years.

Marla offers the unique combination of her own personal and professional experience facilitating social anxiety/fear of public speaking support groups for more than 10 years; holds a master’s degree in psychology and has been working in this field for nearly 20 years; is a Certified Professional Coach; will become a Certified Masters Coach and a member of the International Coach Federation by September 2017. This is especially helpful for the workshop’s hands-on group coaching. Read more about Marla and her professional experience.

Aside from that and her training with me, Marla clearly has the passion, dedication, motivation and competency to guide others with this challenge. Rest assured, you are definitely in good hands with Marla if you decide to take the workshop…and we hope you will!

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